Fresh Out The Udder EP

by Tricky Micky

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released September 20, 2011




Tricky Micky Brighton, UK

I'm a rapper from Brighton. 'Career' highlights... I've supported Example twice, worked with Big Brovaz creator Mr Skills on some tunes, 1 of which the video went on Channel U, released a critically acclaimed mixtape in 2010 & done a rap on the Nuts mag website. Should be doing this for a living by now though! But I'm stuck as a gas engineer. My new EP is out for free download from Bandcamp! Peas. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Dress
if you can take a chance
and keep on hoping for the best
you can live forever
don't you wanna live forever

poor girl's living on the edge
shuffling around like a zombie dead
can't go out she's wrong in the head
stay's at home with her songs instead
each day just brings her dread
can't get over the things he said
he turned against her hit her face
cheated on her and left with her mate
some mate some fate
makes her just wana run away
too much drama to contemplate
there's only one way out only one escape
she put's on her shoes and
walks down to the shops
past the woman's boutique
sees a blue dress and she stops
it's perfection in the garment
but depression in her heart meant
she just wept and
looked at her reflection in the glass then
she stepped into the darkness
walked into the chemist with the premise
to pick up the prescription for her heartache

too many thoughts before I sleep
this pain exceeds me
these feelings are rising within
weightlesness and burning free
my heart screams take me
but reason and fear are within

she pays the man at the tills
takes in her hand the packs of pills
walks right out in a hash and spils
the contents then as she kneels
to pick them up she's all twisted up
crying there on the pavement
but it's almost like there's nobody there
everybody walks past nobody cares
she gets up and then quickly rushes
back to the flat in the basement
past the blue dress til she soon gets
into the flat for the taking
poack after pack she knocks them back
headphones on vacant
whacks up the track to the max to blackout
the world that she's escaping
then as she shuts her eyes
and waits for grim to take her down
the phone starts ringing
but she can't hear the bass is loud
and it's her best friend on the end
but it's too late cz now
the lights in sight there's no more fight
her life is just a waste she's out


and I just know she'd live forever
if she'd gone and got the dress
she'd live forever
she could've lived forever
if you can take a chance
and keep on hoping for the best
you can live forever
why don't you wanna live forever